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  1. Extensible through the following interfaces (giving almost unlimited flexibility concerning what the actual captcha is: jpeg, flash, etc):
    1. ICaptchaFactory
    2. ICaptchaValidator
    3. IContentProvider
    4. IErrorProvider
    5. IImageCodecInfo
    6. IGraphicsDrawing
    7. IChallengeCodeProvider
    8. ITuringNumberProvider
    9. IVaryByCustomProvider (used by CaptchaHandler)
  2. Challenge cache is configurable so gives you ability to use captcha in distributed scenario (by using SessionCache or Memchached client implementations of ICache).
  3. Capable respond to multiple url paths giving you ability to use multiple captchas (with respect ot look and feel) in a single application.
  4. Configuration Options (see CaptchaOptionNames and CaptchaOptionDefaults).
  5. Comes with two implementations:
    1. SimpleCaptchaHandler (renders a new captcha on each request).
    2. CaptchaHandler (high performance captcha utilizing caching).
  6. CaptchaInstrumentationProvider (performance counters)

Consider MaxVaryCacheSize/VaryByCacheLifetime as a minimal throughput rate under which the captch cache is “activated” (applies to default captcha factory).

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