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  1. Integration with ASP.NET MVC 2.0, UnityControllerFactory, PerWebRequest Lifetime Manager
  2. Modules:
    1. StopwatchModule
    2. AjaxRedirectModule
    3. CompressModule
    4. DenialModule
    5. ExceptionPolicyModule
    6. ShrinkModule
    7. ThrottleModule (limit request rate during a period of time)
    8. IHttpFilerIgnore (marker interface to skip applying module
  1. WebCache, SessionCache for ICache (from abstractions)
  2. Exception Handlers:
    1. ErrorThrottleExceptionHandler (If there are more than {ErrorRate} errors during {ThrottlePeriod} than block all incoming requests with HttpForbidden for {BlockPeriod})
    2. HttpContextExceptionHandler (let you include any HttpServerVariables into error report)
    3. HttpExceptionHandler (let you ignore particular http error codes)
    4. IgnoreLocalExceptionHandler (ignore error reporting in local testing)
    5. RedirectExceptionHandler new (redirects to a given page in case of exception match)
  3. FormsAuthenticationService
  4. RemoteLocationProvider
  5. Routing
    1. ChoiceRouteConstraint new, DomainRouteConstraint, SchemeRouteConstraint (http/https)
    2. MapRoute to IRouteHandler

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