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Web Mvc Integration & Features

  1. Integration with ASP.NET MVC 2.0, UnityControllerFactory, PerWebRequest Lifetime Manager
  2. Internationalization/Localization support for your mvc application, Internationalization/Localization includes SEO routing, etc
  3. Improved FormsAuthenticationService, that let you store user data in ASP.NET auth cookie
  4. View data abstractions (DetailsViewData, ListViewData, SearchViewData)
  5. Various helpers: menu item, message, paging (pager plus page size)
  6. Default and ignore routes start up tasks
  7. BadRequest and FileNotFound results, Compression
  8. AbstractController with RedirectTo<Controller> (works in ajax), AlternatePartialView, etc
  9. IEnumerable extensions to SelectList utilizing ValueObject pattern
  10. Validation of antiforgery token with dynamic salt (you can include ome extra information like id, etc... something that you usually add into hidden input)
  11. AbsoluteRoute extensions to UrlHelper and HtmlHelper
  12. HttpResponseSubstitution
    1. SubstitutionHelper
    2. HttpResponseSubstitutionRouteHandler

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